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Birthdate:Dec 18
Location:United States of America
Cremona [the VIRTUOSO]
Italian order | vibration sense/control

Cremona is known for the production of magnificent musical instruments, most notably those of Stradivari, and thus the city's power is derived from that fame. The Operative over Cremona retains a perfect sense of vibration, able to discern movement and sound via air, water, or earth. The details obtained depend on distance and strength of the signal, but the Order's records maintain that no Cremona Operative has ever been surprised. This perfect sense lends itself to musical aptitude, and it is rumored that the Cremona Operative 'inherits' the world's largest collection of Stradivari instruments (a perfect collection of the best made instruments) upon taking over the city. Some generations also retain a control of vibrational movement, able to increase natural speed, kinesthesia, and mimic certain sounds (typically with instrument over voice). It is certainly true that most Cremona Operatives have shown the ability to replicate music after only hearing a song once.

The highly unusual power of the Cremona operative ensures that this city remains high on the Order's priority, as this highly tuned sense lends itself to code breaking and a natural ability to detect lies.
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